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Meet the Makers

Trisons Builders


The Company began with humble beginnings that it never let go of. Sidney Lobo started Trisons Builders in -- with a dream and a deep connection to Mumbai and its people. A connection that had developed through a lifetime of living and breathing in the heart of the city. 

It was not long before his sons Rohit and Sudhir joined him as partners in the business. Gradually, Sidney's values, teachings, and beliefs became imbibed in the business through himself, Rohit, and Sudhir. It is on these continuing qualities that the business and well as its partners pride themselves.
Trisons Builders and its partners guarantee that you will experience its history and character in everything they do.


Founder and Partner

Sidney Lobo

I began this business in -- and since then have watched it grow over 35 years with my sons by my side. I enjoy everything about the business. I love traveling all over, looking for land. I love coming into the office and running day to day affairs. However, what I enjoy most is the people. I love meeting new people and I've learned so much about so many people through the business. At the end of the day, it's always about the people.

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